Course 99 Problems But A (Sponsorship Pitch) Ain’t One

5 Tips for Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Nonprofit
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Course 99 Problems But A (Sponsorship Pitch) Ain’t One

 Ain’t One You did all the work, you ran your financials and created a sponsorship proposal.

You feel confident that your prospective sponsor will find your partnership offers irresistible

And then they don’t

It’s not the website or your brochure or corporate sponsorship proposal that gets more donations and attracts big-ticket sponsors. It’s not what you see that sells. It’s what you don’t see that creates the demand and drives people to donate more and invite others to do the same.

In this webinar, I’ll share the precise nuts and bolts of  the proposal to the pitch

You’ll learn

  • Eight sets of  benefits you can offer corporations beyond logo recognition
  • How sending unsolicited proposals to corporations can destroy your organizations’ ability to earn a corporate funders respect
  • Why “we need the money” and “we are good cause” are not the answers to getting corporate funding (I’ll tell you what is)
  • Have a sophisticated approach to creating and implementing your organization’s corporate sponsorship program
  • Be able to authentically align your organization’s deliverables with the goals of your corporate prospects
  • Be prepared to have a productive face-to-face meeting with prospective sponsors
  • Know how to stand apart from the hundreds of proposals corporations receive every day and get the support you need


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