Facing Uncertain Financial Times? Lets Suppose….

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February 8, 2018
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Facing Uncertain Financial Times? Lets Suppose….

You become a part of your own solution

Openly confront the issue of how an uncertain economy could affect your organization’s stability and viability. Donors know that no matter where the economy is headed, raising money is never easy. So they’ll have concerns about how your organization will prevent, mitigate, or recover from loss of funding.

Many nonprofits operate under the constant threat of financial uncertainty. Therefore, they must be creative, proactive, and enterprising, constantly seeking opportunities, without forsaking their mission, to ensure sustainability.

There’s an earned income option for just about every nonprofit seeking to supplement fluctuating donations. Coming up with the right fit may just be a matter of brainstorming.

A good example is the Girl Scouts. Noted for being enterprising, the Girl Scouts netted over 700 million dollars from cookie sales last year.

Baking cookies isn’t the answer for most nonprofits, but it helps to have an earned income plan. For example: an organization that provides specialized training or has a talented management team may provide fee-based consulting services to emerging organizations in the same field.

Never stop asking

The best way to ensure that your organization loses revenue and goodwill is to stop asking for money and support. In good times and bad, stay positive and creative. Keep pushing hard to ensure survival and fulfill your promise to serve your community.

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