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Innovation: Sponsors Tune Into eSports

eSports in the US is about to hit mainstream and with that comes a rush of corporate sponsorship opportunities. eSporting events are video game competitions in which players compete in front of live audiences. A calendar of some eSporting events can be found at and

According to Warc, the international communications news hub, corporate sponsorship of eSports is set to top $100m this year. In its May 15, 2015 article, Warc reports as well of a spike in total global audience for eSporting events which is prompting interest from major platforms like Amazon and YouTube. That, in turn, will likely attract more brands as they seek to tap the opportunity to reach this youthful – and captive – gaming audience.

If technology and gaming guru, Nathan Lands, is correct eSports will be the biggest thing to happen in gaming over the next ten years. And some powerful players think he’s right.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Nissan and Volkswagen, have already jumped on the bandwagon, while tech giant Google is set to promote and partner with these events as well.

Given the potential for growth in this sector, it is no surprise that companies like SponsorOP are thriving. SponsorOP provides sponsorship services to help eSports teams, players and venues find sponsors, while helping brands find the best opportunities in eSports.

Similarly, Waypoint Media, offers advertising and business services to gamers and sponsors alike. It’s CEO, Scott Nowers, believes that eSports has “reached a tipping point in terms of audience size and acceptance into the mainstream.”

For sure, eSports is a new and exciting segment of the global technology movement. Be it gamer or brand, you’ll want to keep your eye on the eSports ball, as things are certainly happening fast.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities in the eSports arena, click here.

Data sources: Warc, SponsorOp, Waypoint Media.

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