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How To Write Proposals That Click..And Get Funded

When writing your sponsorship proposal, imagine having the good fortune of a face to face meeting with the CEO of Campbell Soup, Denise Morrison. How can you connect with this very busy executive in such a way that it clicks …that she’s so impressed with the opportunity your event offers Campbell Soup that she offers to put you in contact with her marketing people that day.

Your sponsorship proposal is all about winning over the decision maker the first time and each time thereafter. From gatekeeper on up to CEO, your written presentation is your sales pitch that may be reviewed time and time again as it makes it up the food chain. Each time it’s looked at, you have to make it grab the decision maker’s attention in such a way that it just clicks.

Here’s how to do it …

  1. Give a brief but compelling description of your organization.
  2. Describe your event or program, remembering to focus on concrete objectives.
  3. Give accurate demographics, including the number of attendees, age, socio-economic status, etc.
  4. Clearly tell the sponsor how your event matches his target market.
  5. Tailor the proposal to the sponsor (do your homework!).
  6. Using a benefits inventory list, tell the sponsor how your organization or event complements their goals and philosophy.
  7. Summarize your plan for marketing the event or project.


Remember that your proposal is a sales pitch that may pass through many hands, small and great. You must write compelling, personalized copy that stands on its own and that stirs the reader, even a busy CEO like Denise Morrison, to action.

To find out more about Campbell’s corporate giving opportunities for non-profits, click here.

We’re here to help connect you to Campbell’s and other top corporate sponsors.

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