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How to Uncover Vital Information About The Audience You Serve

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When securing corporate sponsorship, it is critically important to know what and who your organization serves and how your audience can benefit a prospective sponsor. Here are three things to know about uncovering vital information about the audience you serve:

Define Your Audience

It is important to define your and your sponsor’s audience.  Find out how can they benefit and advance the marketing and or sales objectives of your prospective sponsors?

Know How and When to Survey Your Audience and Stakeholders

Your questions should be direct, easy to understand and designed with a clear objective in mind. Survey Monkey provides guidance about how to create surveys that drive results.


Once You Gather Information About Your Audience, you brainstorm about the radio stations, magazines and other media your audience may listen to or read. Go download the media,  sales and or advertising kits of those entities to collect specific demographic information that may prove useful as you develop your sponsorship pitch and proposals.


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