Get Corporate Sponsorship! The Step By Step Guide To Securing Funding From Corporations

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8 Myths About Getting Corporate Sponsorship- and the Truth About those Myths
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Get Corporate Sponsorship! The Step By Step Guide To Securing Funding From Corporations

If you want to get or increase your fundraising, this e-book is a roadmap of pertinent steps for raising money from corporations.

Some of the secrets you’ll learn inside include:

  • 11 types of benefits you can offer corporations beyond logo recognition
  • The list of 22 retailers in your neighborhood that want to help your organization raise money and steps to secure sponsorship with those retailers in the next few weeks
  • The 4 questions you must ask and answer before seeking funding from corporations
  • How sending unsolicited proposals to corporations can destroy your organizations ability to earn a corporate funders respect
  • Why “we need the money” and “we are good cause” are not the answers to getting corporate funding (I’ll tell you what is)
  • How to structure the one-hour meeting that can help raise thousands of dollars through your board or advisors

After reading this material you will:

  • Have a sophisticated approach to creating and implementing your organization’s corporate sponsorship program
  • Be ready to develop a corporate prospect list
  • Be able to authentically align your organization’s deliverables with the goals of your corporate prospects
  • Be prepared to have a productive face-to-face meeting with prospective sponsors
  • Know how to stand apart from the hundreds of proposals corporations receive every day and get the support you need


PLUS- Five time-saving samples 

  1. Sample Sponsorship Proposals and Forms
  2. Guide for conducting a Prospect Research Meeting (sample email, invitation letter, and grid to record results)
  3. Sample Sponsorship Policy and Procedures
  4. Sample Cause Marketing Agreement
  5. Sample Letter of Sponsorship Confirmation

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