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The 4 Questions You Must Ask and Answer before Seeking Sponsorship


If your organization is like many nonprofit organizations :

  • You’ve seen funding for your organization plummet and demand for your services increase.
  • You are constantly seeking new ways to raise additional funding.
  • You’ve probably thought about how your organization can get more support from the corporate community.

Funding from corporations can be a great opportunity for your organization to increase your budget but– you should never haphazardly create a corporate sponsorship program for the sake of filling a budget deficit. Before pursuing support from corporations, you first need to know your organizations goals,  then ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is your organization trying to achieve?
  2. Can you effectively tell your organizations story?
  3. What value could your organization provide to a prospective corporate sponsor?
  4. What impact could a corporation make by supporting your organization?

Asking and answering these four questions help your organization clearly articulate your goals, rationale and value proposition to prospective corporate sponsors.

If you are looking for better results, need coaching or a roadmap to jump start your corporate sponsorship program, I would love the opportunity to save your organization thousands of dollars and countless hours –even in a bad economy.

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