The 4 Questions You Must Ask and Answer before Seeking Sponsorship
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Economic Stimulus Regulations Stealing Your Wealthy Donors?


Wall Street will GET its share of the bailout money but executives may have to GIVE up lofty salaries with Washington’s plan to limit their pay. According to an article in the New York Times, “Charities Fear New Pay Limits Will Hurt Executive Donations.”

This article makes me think of one of my rants about raising money from individuals–never underestimate the power of your entire donor base—not just the ones that write big checks.

In 2007, Americans gave over $ 300 billion to charity, however according to the American Express Charitable Giving survey, the average charitable gift was $ 172. Now, more than ever its important to take good care of all of your donors. Don’t rob your organization of the potential to raise money from donors at all levels.

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