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The One Hour Meeting That Raises THOUSANDS Of Dollars

You’ve gotta host a Prospect Research Session! One of the biggest challenges of getting money from corporations is the creation of a strong and qualified prospect […]
February 10, 2018

Facing Uncertain Financial Times? Lets Suppose….

You become a part of your own solution Openly confront the issue of how an uncertain economy could affect your organization’s stability and viability. Donors know […]


Our Referral Program

Do You Know Of An Organization, Person, Project or Product That Needs To Amplify Their Brand Through Securing Corporate Sponsorship?  And to you want to earn […]

5 Tips for Getting Corporate Sponsorship for Your Nonprofit

Eighty eight percent of corporations give to charitable causes. Some steps to standing out and getting your share of these contributions include: developing a prospect list […]

8 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Sponsorship

I used to be convinced that if I had a sleek proposal and a good pitch letter, the corporations I solicited would see that my organization […]

7 Tips to Refine Your Corporate Sponsorship Marketing Strategy

I’m Going to open this post about 7 Tips to Refine Your Corporate Sponsorship Marketing Strategy with a fitting quote from Poet Edith Lovejoy Pierce. We will open […]

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4 Proven Strategies For Getting A Sponsor In The Next 90 Days

Over the past 18 years, I’ve helped my clients raise over $80 million dollars. During the early days of my career, I wasted time and other people’s […]