Let Me Show You How To Raise Corporate Sponsorship: Instantly Download The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

More than 88% of corporations contribute to charitable causes, organizations and brands yet many organizations are unsure about the best ways to develop a prospect list, […]

Innovation: Sponsors Tune Into eSports

eSports in the US is about to hit mainstream and with that comes a rush of corporate sponsorship opportunities. eSporting events are video game competitions in which […]

Who else wants to find the list of generous corporations in their state?

These corporations have either direct giving programs, foundations, sponsorship programs, in-kind donations, product donations, volunteer programs, or matching gift programs. INSTRUCTIONS: visit this link:https://www.tgci.com/funding-sources/PA/corporate and replace my […]


8 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Sponsorship

I used to be convinced that if I had a sleek proposal and a good pitch letter, the corporations I solicited would see that my organization […]

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4 Proven Strategies For Getting A Sponsor In The Next 90 Days

Over the past 18 years, I’ve helped my clients raise over $80 million dollars. During the early days of my career, I wasted time and other people’s […]

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7 Things to Know about Corporate Philanthropy vs. Corporate Sponsorship

It’s important to recognize the differences between corporate philanthropy and corporate sponsorship. Here are seven distinctions: Corporate philanthropy is motivated by altruism and supports a socially beneficial […]

Raising Money from Corporate Sponsors Takes Time

Corporate sponsorship is a long tail strategy not a fast financial solution. And it takes time. It can take MONTHS to close a sponsorship deal. Most […]