Getting started with your sponsorship campaign is a lot like climbing a mountain path to a spectacular waterfall at the top. You’re full of energy and loaded with expectations about the end product, getting all the funds you need

Along the way, you encounter obstacles – streams with logs and stones – that you have to cross. But you forge ahead knowing that the reward is worth the effort. Get Corporate Sponsorship helps you forge those streams and climb that steep path.

Taking it step by step, stone by stone, we know you’ll meet your fundraising goals if you stick to the basics. One of the first obstacles you are going to encounter is making contact with potential sponsors. To that end, we have three basic steps to get you over this hurdle:


(1)          Take inventory of everyone you know or have some connection to who is connected to a potential sponsor. A friend who’s a manager at a company who would sponsor you. Someone at your health club who works for a company that is known to sponsor events. You want to brainstorm, think outside the box, make every connection you can and put it in writing. If you have board members, get them to think of everyone they know. Make this your first tier contact list to which you will make your request or send your sponsorship proposal.

(2)          Write down every vendor you deal with: stores where you buy office supplies restaurants you frequent, your favorite clothing retailer, etc. Everyone who sells you something has an interest in helping you because you help them. This is your second tier.

(3)          Identify the industries you think are most suited to your particular event or organization and research how to best contact them for sponsorship. Some use web portals, some use marketing agencies, and others have specific instructions on their websites to request funding. Make a third list of all the contacts you are able to identify this way. These steps will certainly help you make your way across one of the hurdles on your journey to sponsorship funding.


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