Last week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the American Marketing Association Non Profit Marketing Conference. In addition to facilitating a workshop on Multicultural Marketing with the brilliant Diana Cardenas , it was great to hear perspectives from thought leader speakers and  hundreds of  participants that represented a diverse mix of non profit organizations across the country. Kudos to Quinn and his staff team at AMA , @consultkeenan and the conference committee on a job well done. Check out the live tweet stream of the event on Twitter at #amanp.

Here are some of my favorite tweets and reflections from the conference:

Diversity is the new mainstream

Segment and personalize your marketing, find your audience, connect authentically then offer meaningful and relevant opportunities to participate.  Diana Cardenas of Easy Non Profit Marketing shared: “When it comes to your organizations marketing, there’s no such thing as the general public”. ABC News has a great take on this “Modern Family Phenomenon

Dear non-profit orgs: If you’ve not already done so, seriously consider taking this social media thing seriously: @brockyetso

Facebook is currently the most used social networking tool by non profits with average page likes of 8,317 . “Its important for non profit organizations to have a perspective and get in the conversation”according to Marketing Consultant Valerie Morris.” @MeierlingW ‪#socialmedia helps you bypass gatekeepers and get your orgs message directly to reporters, and other media.

@salesleadertodd don’t do anything different think differently about what you do made me think about creative ways organizations can craft a strong social media presence. According to Beth Kanter: “Nonprofits struggle with finding the time to create content, but the secret is repurposing, reimagining and curating”. Check out how some organizations serve as hub of information on a particular subject matter

How you treat friends is how your organization needs to treat your current and potential audience

One of my favorite comments from the conference came courtesy of @saminj58 – think of ‪#socialmedia as behavior. Be authentic, share value- not just stats about your org. WORD!

Its okay to enlist and unleash others to spread the word about your corporate sponsorship needs and campaigns @JamalMEdwards

Reach out, deputize your leadership and supporters to be ambassadors of your campaign. #unitedway has over 500 FB pages and 200 twitter handles but unifies all of their social media through using two hashtags: #unitedway #Liveunited. @ulmancancerfund  reviews and plans their social media outreach at their weekly leadership team meetings

My quick marketing tip for finding out what your target audience wants

Go download the sales and advertising kits of the periodicals they read

Two examples of simplistic brilliance for sharing your business card

Business Cards

Business Cards

One of my biggest post conference challenges is saving the contact information  of the people I meet and remembering what we discussed when we met (I know I’m not the only one) 1) Donate Life America has a QR code on the back of their cards. Recipients can scan that code with a smartphone and instantly save and store contact information (thanks Aisha) 2) the American Association for Cancer Research had a small neat business card sized package of mints privately labeled with their contact information including links to their social media pages  (thanks Valerie)

Your marketing strategy will evolve…often

@omoiyek “marketing” is ambiguous and will evolve with the needs of your organization.   ‏@McKinleyAdvisor– The mistake many make is only doing research once, you need to do it every few years to see what’s changed, where u r making progress 

These organizations are doing social media well 

RT @NexusDirect: Brands doing social well @KomenfortheCure @LIVESTRONG @RedCross @goodwill @AHA_Foundation @gatesfoundation

Social media mashup pages are awesome and a few other resources to check out/consider 

@ulmancancerfund does a social media mashup page for their  Half Full Triathlon ‏@joshrice 25 Awesome Free #Google Tools for Marketers — in case u were not paying attention to Google’s awesomeness.  The United Way Big Tweet Campaign 

If you are looking to up your non profit marketing game, you need to attend #amanp next year

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