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Getting started with your sponsorship campaign is a lot like climbing a mountain path to a spectacular waterfall at the top. You’re full of energy and loaded with expectations about the end product, getting all …

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Who else wants to find the list of generous corporations in their state?


These corporations have either direct giving programs, foundations, sponsorship programs, in-kind donations, product donations, volunteer programs, or matching gift programs.

INSTRUCTIONS: visit this link: and replace my state, “PA” with yours.

Let me know how it goes

7 Things Successful Sponsorship Seekers Understand


“The point is to understand.” ― Albert Einstein
Can your business, brand, project or service potentially help advance the marketing and sales objectives of a corporation? If the answer is yes, corporate sponsorship could be a viable …

What Everyone Ought To Know About Funding Your Small Business With Corporate Sponsorship: 10 Steps


Getting funding from corporations may be a great opportunity for your small business, but you can damage your brand if you do not go about it the right way. You want to develop a prospect …

Corporate Sponsorship Tips from American Marketing Association Non Profit Marketing Conference

Last week I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the American Marketing Association Non Profit Marketing Conference. In addition to facilitating a workshop on Multicultural Marketing with the brilliant Diana Cardenas , it was great to …

This IS Messy! How I Wasted $9,200 Trying To Get Corporate Sponsorship


More than 88% of corporations contribute to charitable causes, organizations and brands yet many organizations are unsure about the best ways to develop a prospect list, prepare a proposal, approach a corporate prospect face to …

Get Corporate Sponsorship For Your Small Business- check out the transcript


I recently had the pleasure of being on #smallbizchat talking about how small businesses can get corporate sponsorship. Check out the transcript of that chat below and if you don’t follow @smallbizchat and @smallbizlady on …

Never Give Up


Raising resources is challenging. I hope this motivates you to never give up!

How To Write A Corporate Sponsorship Proposal



How to Uncover Vital Information About The Audience You Serve

uncover corporate sponsorships

When securing corporate sponsorship, it is critically important to know what and who your organization serves and how your audience can benefit a prospective sponsor. Here are three things to know about uncovering vital information …